CTUSAB not backing NUPW on waste plan

Government’s controversial outsourcing plan for garbage collection has received the blessing of the umbrella Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB), even though one if its members continues to raise hell over the plan.

In a statement this evening, no mention was made by CTUSAB of the word “privatization” which is a major bone of contention for the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW).

However, CTUSAB General Secretary Denis de Peiza said the umbrella grouping for local trade unions supported Government’s move to engage private waste haulers, while denouncing the recent pile-up of garbage and the slow pace of collection by the state-run Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) as a “national concern”.

“As it stands, it is an undisputed fact that there is shortage of vehicles at the disposal of the Sanitation Service Authority to efficiently and effectively service the collection of garbage island wide,” the umbrella grouping said.

It also highlighted possible health threats, as well as the negative impact on tourism, while stating that an immediate solution had to be found.

“The Congress is understanding of the Government’s decision to engage private waste haulers at this time, and supports the initiative as a  short-term measure,” the statement by de Peiza said.

However, in the interest the issue of transparency, it said Government should undertake to immediately engage the NUPW and other stakeholders in a process of consultation and dialogue.

“It is important that the NUPW and the employees of the SSA are satisfied that the temporary arrangement poses no threat to the continued employment of workers or impose changes to their existing conditions of service.

“CTUSAB therefore supports the NUPW’s call for consultation and dialogue in this matter and goes further to call for dialogue on this matter of waste collection and disposal at the level of the Sub-committee of the Social Partnership,” the statement suggested.

The private truckers agreed at a meeting last week to service St Philip, St Peter, St Lucy and St John at a rate of $411 per hour for eight hours a day, Monday to Friday.

However, the NUPW believes this is part of a wider privatization plot and has warned that it will not sit idly by and allow the SSA to be placed in private hands.

“The union always has the capacity to deal with such matters and when the time comes we have competency that would ensure that our members are not placed at a disadvantaged,” Acting Assistant General Secretary Wayne Walrond told reporters at a news conference on Tuesday, following a meeting with SSA workers at the union’s Dalkeith Road headquarters.

Walrond did not elaborate, but SSA sources say the matter threatens to descend into industrial action.

4 Responses to CTUSAB not backing NUPW on waste plan

  1. Brien King
    Brien King October 14, 2016 at 4:42 am

    Divided, you will fall.

    I would understand if this operation with private business to collect the garbage will save the country the foreign reserves to purchase 20 SSA trucks, but if it wouldn’t then I fail to see the point of it. New trucks were brought in, who have them now ? Talk about fishy business, you can smell it from miles away.

  2. jrsmith October 14, 2016 at 5:14 am

    Privatization would the best thing for most of Barbados government services because ,
    the government is not capable of manage any of it….

    What union bull dog without teeth, what the unions in Barbados must try and organize themselves and speak with authority make people listen , stop thinking running out on strike achieves anything, stop trying to be always at war make the opposition come to them , regain some respect for the trade unionist in Barbados don’t only be managers but be in control , keeping your eyes on the politicians don’t trust them……

  3. Natalie Murray October 14, 2016 at 10:05 am

    All of the Public Services Unions should withdraw from CTUSAB for this statement alone.The current model will lead to loss of Public Sector Jobs. THE CTUSAB is now the government mouthpiece and not the Unions.

    If our Unions fail to be the voice for Labour in this country – Lord help us all!!!!!!

  4. eddy murray October 14, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    I saw the writing on the wall month ago, before this 2% levy was. I said then that if govrnment could gave out some of the garbage collecting to private people they would save a lot of money in maintenance ot the trucks their have.
    Out of the $411 an hour the truck driver getting $20 an hour, that ,mean the $391 diesel and maintenance.


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