Bond for cocaine apparatus

courtA 25-year-old man has been placed on a bond to keep the peace for six months after pleading guilty to having apparatus for using cocaine.

If Ruben Decoursey Jordan of Fairfield Cross Road, St Michael breaches that order imposed on him by Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant, he will have to pay $750 forthwith or spend two months in jail.

According to the police prosecutor, Jordan was seen by police on patrol in the Bank Hall, St Michael area heading towards Black Rock Main Road on October 9. The lawmen observed some people in a verbal dispute and as they got closer to the gathering, Jordan ran in the direction of Dash Gap. He returned while police were having a conversation with two people and started behaving “hostile and loud”.

Police asked to search him and he consented and a broken vial was found in his pants pocket.

Jordan allegedly told the police that the device was used to use illegal narcotics.

When he appeared before Cuffy-Sargeant on Tuesday, Jordan said: “I admit I was wrong; I am at the mercy of the court.”

The magistrate then imposed the bond.

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