Agard getting help to kick drinking problem

courtHe pleaded for help and Acting Magistrate Alliston Seale granted Noel Leon Agard his wish to kick an alcohol habit.

The 35-year-old of Fairy Valley, Christ Church, on Tuesday admitted to stealing $100 belonging to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) on October 4.

The facts read by the police prosecutor revealed that Agard took the money from one of the RSPCA’s donation tins at Dover Market. He was captured in the act on security footage.

“I can’t refute the facts, [but] I have a bad, bad drinking problem and on certain occasions I am not 100 per cent coherent,” Agard told the magistrate when asked to give an account.

He further explained that he had an injury to his arm that was rather painful and he had been using the “legal drug” to help him numb the pain.

“I would like a favour from you,” Agard told the magistrate. “I would like some assistance with my alcohol [problem].”

When the magistrate explained to Agard that he would not like the conditions, the admitted alcoholic was adamant that he would accept whatever was imposed, once it allowed him the assistance he sought.

When Seale informed him that the first step would entail him going to the Psychiatric Hospital for a three-week assessment, Agard readily agreed.

“Most appreciated, Sir,” was his reply.

He returns to the Oistins Court on November 1.

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