TRINIDAD – Dirty emails talk in Parliament

PORT OF SPAIN – Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal has called for an investigation into “dirty” emails at the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and an employee being favoured for housing.

He was speaking during the budget debate at the Parliament sitting on Tuesday at the International Waterfront Complex, Port of Spain. Describing the emails as “frightening”, Moonilal said it involved the HDC chairman and managing director.

MP for Oropouche East Roodal Moonilal in Parliament.
MP for Oropouche East Roodal Moonilal in Parliament.

“You have an assistant at the HDC to the managing director and the chairman and the assistant salary was increased from $13,000 a month to $18,000 a month to facilitate the purchase of an HDC house in Chaguanas, what is that? What she assisting the chairman doing? The chairman is a new man on the job,” he said. “To make matters worse, I am told that the HDC invested $100,000 for refurbishing that house for the assistant,” he said.

The salary increase, said Moonilal, would have been approved by the board and the chairman. Moonilal claimed to have emails from the HDC which are personal in nature “When I look through the email record which I have in my hand Madame Speaker, they speak about employees writing the managing director and so on and matters which are most dirty for me to discuss, matters about missing you and not missing you and you don’t take my call and I don’t take your call and you never have time for me and so on, this is not my business, I don’t get into these kinds of things,” he said.

He called on the Housing Minister Randal Mitchell to investigate as he noted that there are some 160,000 people who are on the HDC database demanding houses. “I felt your frustration when you bolted out a steups in San Fernando, I didn’t do it in five years but I felt his frustration, he is also a new man on the job,” he quipped.

“It is very critical the allocation policy and this over familiarity around the chairman and the managing director that permits those sort of things to happen, it cannot be fair that people begging and crying I want a house and an assistant at the chairman’s office gets a house by increasing salary from $13,000 to $18,000 and refurbishing the household,” said Moonilal. 

Source: (Trinidad Express)

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