Chaos at van terminal will end – Lashley

Minister of Transport & Works Michael Lashley is promising an end to the chaos and disorder at the van stand when the new $3.5 million state-of-the-art River Bus Terminal becomes operational.

Lashley yesterday told a meeting of the St James South constituency branch of the Democratic Labour Party the current behaviour by some of the operators was untenable, and that order would be restored with the opening of the new terminal.

“We are building the concourse in order to bring the terminals to order. It must be brought to order. When the police go out in the River Terminal there is order, when the police remove themselves it’s chaos. We have to tell big men and women to line up their vans. So we will get to it. The way the new terminal is constructed they will have to line up and be in order,” Lashley said.

Providing an update on the construction, which started in January this year, Lashley could not say when the project would be completed. However, he said work on the first phase was under way and the second phase would be begin shortly.

“The first part of the River Terminal is being done by MTW [Ministry of Transport and Works], the second part has been contracted to a private company. The tenders committee was meeting and they have completed their deliberations, it has not been relayed back to the ministry as yet but my understanding is that process has been completed. So very shortly the contract will be prepared and mobilized,” he said.

When Lashley addressed a ceremony back in November 2015 to mark the start of work on the new facility, he indicated then that it would be completed by August this year.

He also said at the time the new terminal would consist of three floors, with the covered terminal, bathroom facilities, a police outpost and offices for the Licensing Authority on the first floor, the Transport Authority on the second floor and additional offices on the third.

“It will be a modern facility, fully equipped with technology, fully equipped with cameras so that we can monitor from the transport office what is happening out there, so we can report back to the police and have order out there. That is what we are doing,” Lashley said yesterday.

He warned that some vendors would be dislocated, but he said provisions were being made to relocate them.

One Response to Chaos at van terminal will end – Lashley

  1. Tony Webster October 11, 2016 at 5:44 am

    No need to re-invent da wheel, Sir. Just take a quick trip down to Grenada, and see how they have organised their bus terminal.

    Works just fine; orderly; efficient; evahbody (commuters; owners” …even the one cop on duty, has so little to do, he passes the time chatting the ladies. It’s the precise design of the terminal, that does the trick.

    Duhh…there’s one teeny-weeny aspect that might discomfit you, but it is a beast you will have to confront: there are NO GOVERNMENT-OWNED/OPERATED buses in the terminal; NOT ONE; or on da roads. Grenadians nevertheless get to and from work, just fine….can you imagine? I used it for two weeks, and it fantastic. They do however set the fares. IT WORKS….like a dream. Check out he Spice Isle, and do us all a favour, before perpetutaing the MONSTER we now have.


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