Launch of Flags & Fifties competition

Schools across Barbados are expected to be adorned in Barbados’ national colours and symbols as primary and secondary school students compete in the Flags and Fifties competition.

Hosted by the 50th Anniversary of Independence Secretariat, the competition was launched at all primary and secondary schools across the island last Friday, in an effort to encourage persons to “dress the nation” in the national colours.

Teacher, Keisha Collymore (third from right in back row) standing among students of Bay Primary wearing their independence shirts during Friday’s launch. (Pictures by Clifton Henry.)
Teacher, Keisha Collymore (third from right in back row) standing among students of Bay Primary wearing their independence shirts during Friday’s launch. (Pictures by Clifton Henry.)
Students and teachers of Bay Primary.
Students and teachers of Bay Primary.

Speaking during the launch at the Bay Primary School, web content officer at the Secretariat, Sharifa Medford, explained that the competition was designed to assist with the dressing up of schools across the island using a template of the National Flag and the 50th anniversary logo for students to colour.

She added that in addition to decorating schools with the coloured symbols, students were also being encouraged to create a display at their schools using the symbols.

“We decided to have a competition so schools could win good prizes,” Medford told the students, who were decked out in their Independence colours.

The students were also urged to take their creations outside of the classroom, and travel with them to the various events being held across the country to celebrate the island’s jubilee anniversary.

“When you go to activities take along your flag and 50s . . . wave them high and proud to show that you are a proud Barbadian and that you are excited to be a part of the 50th anniversary of Independence celebrations,” Medford said.

The winning primary and secondary school will each receive a prize and have an opportunity to select a student to lead the nation in reciting the National Pledge at the Garrison Savannah on November 30 during the 50th Anniversary Independence Parade.

“That is a big deal. You [will be] standing up there in front of all those people from Barbados, from across the region, from all over the world that may come to our Independence celebrations, reciting the National Pledge,” Medford told the students.

In addition, schools with notable displays will also be invited to select students to participate in the reveal of the National Monument at the Garrison Savannah on November 29.

Prizes will also be awarded for the second and third place winners.
Participating schools are required to submit a photo of the completed display via email to, by 3 p.m. on November 4.

Former student of Bay Primary School, Commander David Dowridge, told the students that they were the ones to prepare Barbados for the next 50 years.

“Therefore, you have to be very responsible. Dress well and conduct yourselves mannerly, and be involved in sports. That’s what is required for the next 50 years,” Medford advised.

Meanwhile, businesses, homeowners, motorists and the general public were also encouraged to join the effort to cover Barbados with a sea of aquamarine, gold and black in its 50th Anniversary celebration.

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