Man offers to wash cars as bail condition

courtAn offer to wash the vehicles of magistrates and court clerks did not get a 46-year-old St Michael man the chance he begged for today.

Livingston McDonald Trotman of Storey Gap, Codrington Hill will remain on remand at HMP Dodds after admitting that he walked into a woman’s home and stole her bag earlier this year.

Trotman was charged with entering the home of Alicia Tempo and stealing a $60 bag on June 27.

According to the facts read by the police prosecutor in the No 2 Magistrates’ Court, Tempo was resting at home around 10:30 a.m. when her daughter informed her that a man had walked into the house and into their kitchen but ran out on seeing her.

A search of the house sometime later revealed that the bag had been taken. Following investigations by the police, Trotman was taken into custody where he admitted to committing the offence. He was also identified in a police line-up.

Trotman told Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant that it was his intention to compensate Tempo for the stolen item.

“Compensating the complainant is no problem. I can do that by this weekend, Ma’am, it’s $60,” he said.

“Ma’am, [while] I have been on remand I have done a lot of reflecting, a lot of praying,” added Trotman who then admitted that he needed drug rehabilitation.

“I have stayed away from prison, stayed away from crime. It’s the little drug problem that I have, Ma’am. I think I need some help and I can attend the walk-in programme from Monday,” he continued as he pleaded for personal bail.

Trotman said he was willing to comply with court-imposed conditions, and even do some work for court employees.

“If I have to report to every police station in Barbados at 5 o’clock in the morning, I will get there at five to five. If I have to wash every magistrate vehicle and every clerk vehicle . . . I am asking the court mercy, please Ma’am.”

The magistrate provided Trotman with the help he requested, but not bail. She referred him to the Drug Treatment Court.

In the meantime, he has been remanded to prison until next Wednesday.

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