Konshens to release new album

There’s no doubt about Konshens’ strong devotion to his many Barbadian fans.

With the cancellation of a planned performance at CropFusion last Saturday, the Jamaican dancehall artiste quickly took to social media and radio to apologize for the obvious disappointment.

During his stay at Divi Southwinds Resort, Bajan Vibes caught up with the voice behind hits like “Bruk Off Yuh Back” and “Gal A Bubble”.

Since his 2009 Barbados debut at Reggae on the Hill, Konshens, also known as Greg Spence, has been dearly loved by local fans.

Because of the warm Barbadian welcome, he subsequently has always returned to the island whenever the opportunity presented itself.

“One of the first major Caribbean experiences was in Barbados. I experience the people and I experience the
food and it was just a new world to me so close to my home,” Konshens said.

He went on: “Besides the love of the people, the people really love dancehall music and once you keep giving them dancehall music, they going to keep wanting to see you. There are real fans within Barbados, even without hot songs, they still want to see Konshens.”

Since the release of his 2016 hit “Bruk Off Yuh Back”, the Jamaican artiste has been touring non-stop, arriving in Barbados following a number of engagements in Europe. The laid back personality said this has been one of his best years yet, with “sold out shows in every stop”.

Having exceeded expectations, Konshens credits the success of “Bruk Off Yuh Back” to impeccable timing and thirsty fans. He said: “I think it’s just a good song, and I think the timing and the people were hungry for a new song from me and them just get a nice production, nice topic, nice timing and I think the sound of it was good. It was a cross between dancehall and soca”.

Admittedly, the past few months have been extremely hard for the 30-year-old performer, with his brother and fellow dancehall artiste, Delmark Spence, referred to as Delus, committing suicide.

After revealing that he has not yet come to terms with the tragedy, the dancehall star also shared that he has not had a resting period. In fact, his method of relaxation has been music.

“It’s ironic because what I do to relax is just listen to music, not just Konshens music, but I love every genre . . . for me to go out on a normal vibe, I like to go to dance and party, just put on a hat, no entourage, just go and stand up one side and list to the music as a fan.  Them things get me relaxed,” he said.

Dancehall fans can look forward to a new album and mixtape from Konshens in the upcoming months. Already this month, he has released “Wine Yuh Body” and is set to release a new single produced by Russian entitled “Tun Up”.

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