Rusty water flowing through St Lucy pipes

Residents in St Lucy are up in arms over the poor quality water they are receiving in various districts.

In response to a video, which is currently circulating on social media showing a resident complaining about the rust-like water that is coming from his tap, a Barbados TODAY team visited that parish yesterday only to find that the problem was also affecting a number of other residents.

One resident of Broomfield, who did not want to be identified, said the water quality had deteriorated since the passage of Tropical Storm Matthew last week.

“The water brown man! You can’t use that! Ever since the storm passed the water has been dirty so.  My mother has a filter on her pipe and the water still coming out brown. It’s ridiculous! We might as well don’t have any water at all because we can’t use this,” he said.

Victor Depeiza, also of Broomfield, said in the six years he has lived in the area, he had never seen anything like it.

“The water comes on brown, then when it clears up it tastes like salt. I really don’t know what is going on down here but I have never seen anything like this in my life. It’s really not good,” Depeiza said.

An elderly woman, who gave her name only as Gilkesy, said she was forced to run the water for a while before she could use it to do her cooking.

“When the water comes I does have to run it off because it’s brown, then it gets clear so I have to wait a while before I can start my cooking. I really don’t know what them doing but I give thanks anyway for the little we getting,” she said.

In Connell Town, Northumberland and Hope Road, residents said they had been without water for several days now. They also complained that no water trucks were visiting the area.

This man had to resort to washing his clothes at a standpipe. 
This man had to resort to washing his clothes at a standpipe.

“It was off since last week.  It came back Sunday night for a bit and by Monday morning it was gone again,” explained one man who was doing his washing at a village standpipe when Barbados TODAY arrived.

He also pointed out that the community was affected by several burst pipes, which he said were yet to be fixed by the BWA.

However, a team from the BWA was in the process of fixing one such pipe when the team visited yesterday afternoon.

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    I want to hear Dennis Kellman AKA Prime Minister in wanting, on this matter, Somebody please call him and tell him to walk with his box of plasters..


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