Two questioned in connection with Hawkesworth killing

Police are questioning two men in connection with the death of Christopher Hawkesworth, whose body was discovered on Saturday evening, a day after he went missing.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police Responsible for Crime Management Lybron Sobers told Barbados TODAY this afternoon that lawmen were interrogating the two as they continue their investigation into the killing of 54-year-old man.

Hawkesworth, of 29 Rock Dundo Heights, St Michael, was last seen alive by his wife at 7 a.m. Friday when he left home in a hired car to take his children to school.

Police officers on patrol in Bakers, St Peter discovered his motionless body in the front passenger’s seat of a car parked off the road in a wooded area sometime after five o’clock Saturday evening.

The former restaurateur had fought off a ten-year battle against extradition to the United States and was released from HMP Dodds after spending two years in maximum security.

Washington had accused him, along with two other Barbadian men, of involvement in an illegal drugs ring that had attempted to import and distribute five kilos of cocaine into the United States in July 2000.

It had also claimed the three were members of a Guyana-Barbados crime ring which an American drug agent had penetrated between July and September 2000.

His battle against extradition ended when all charges were dismissed, reportedly after the US government informed local authorities that it was no longer interested in prosecuting the men.

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  1. Phil October 5, 2016 at 9:19 am

    Juanita, You see, you push your foot in your mouth and condemned BT for their reporting. Our RBPF are good. So too are the International Police and the FBI. I just hope that your mouth is as big as your Catherine. because she looks like she can hold quite a lot.


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