Police appealing for help with investigations

The police are this morning appealing for help as they continue their investigations into the deaths of 54-year-old Frederick Christopher Hawksworth of Rock Dundo Heights St. Michael; and an unidentified man.

Hawksworth’s motionless body was discovered by police around 5:05 pm on Saturday in a motorcar parked off the road in a bushy track which leads from Mullins Road onto Bakers St. Peter.

The body of the unidentified man was discovered early Monday morning at the corner of George Street and Belmont Road St. Michael.

Anyone who can provide any information to assist with these investigations are asked to contact the Police Emergency at telephone number “211”, Crime Stoppers at 1-800 –TIPS (8477), District ‘E’ at 4191730 or 4191737 or the nearest Police Station.

All information received will be strictly confidential.

One Response to Police appealing for help with investigations

  1. Lica October 4, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    Umm Sorry to Said, Chris know about alot of people death
    I don’t understand why ppl saiding, that he risk his own life
    With this man!! What about all of his Former Soldier that get
    Killed for him, went the hit men came 4 there money. He choose
    Is own life! Eat n drink with the men and then turn around and
    Give them to the mafia!! We’ll guess What his time came!! What a bout
    Those young men that get killed in Melrose years ago, he was
    Responsible for that job. I guess ur time came n the man decided
    He wasn’t going to fall as 1 of ur victim. So he used is brain.
    N turn you over to the men!!


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