BWA to investigate complaint

The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) is trying to get to bottom of why one of its two new tankers was off the road yesterday as residents in rural communities continue to appeal for the scarce resource.

The BWA’s Corporate Communications Specialist Joy-Ann Haigh expressed alarm at the development, which she acknowledged was brought to her attention yesterday while visiting water-scarce St Joseph and other rural parishes.

Joy-Ann Haigh
Joy-Ann Haigh

She told Barbados TODAY that the matter was now under investigation.

“We are investigating as to why, but from what I have been told from who is dispatching them, and the Manager of Engineering said he has gotten some correspondence to the effect,. . . there is no available driver from the BWA to drive the tank and we are looking into that matter.

“It is one thing to know that we will have the occasional breakdown and that is understandable but we certainly have to investigate why there was no available driver for the new tanker that was actually on the road already.”

Haigh added the absence of the truck had a “severe” impact on yesterday’s water distribution.

“We have thousands of people to get to daily and the more resources we have on the ground the better, so this obviously sets us back – way, way back because we have outages in the north, in St Peter, Diamond Corner, Mount Brevitor coming all the way from St James to Seaview and surrounding areas then to come into St Joseph.

“I will have to sensitize the management team as to what happened today, not having an available driver and find out what was the reason behind that.”

Haigh said the two new tankers have significantly improved the BWA’s capacity to respond to hard-hit areas.

“They have a lot of new features and they have really been helpful. These tankers help to fill community tanks and then go door-to-door afterwards . . . but we obviously have to make sure that we constantly have an operator, so that we can get the water out.”

The BWA is expecting an additional six tankers to arrive on the island shortly.

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  1. Hal Austin October 4, 2016 at 2:48 am

    I have asked before, why does the BWA not impose restrictions on the use of water, including banning golf clubs from watering their courses?
    Why are heads not rolling?


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