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Water relief

There was more help today for residents of St Joseph who have been struggling with a prolonged water shortage.

Resident Louvin Bradshaw, teamed up with Rotherley Construction to source donations from a number of business places including Nicholls Bakery, Courtyard Catering and YKPS to transport buckets and bottles of water.

“We’re bringing the water, going and catching it. Making sure that the people got some water,” said Bradshaw, a resident of St Joseph for 39 years.

Bradshaw, who is among those affected by the water shortage, told Barbados TODAY that residents had gone nearly four months with dry taps.


“We were out of water consistently now going into four months and I can testify to that because I remember two weeks before the children went into vacation the water went off and then you have 10 weeks of vacation….and now the children back to school going on three weeks.”

“Water is always of importance, so we believe that the situation is rather critical…these people really really need water and … we’re not getting water but we still have to pay for it so any help is good,” Bradshaw added.

He indicated that residents who owned water tanks were also at a disadvantage, saying “It’s ok to say invest in a tank, but when you invest in a tank and then when done you have to beg Water Authority to come and full up the tank because the tank can only hold 800-1000 gallons of water, so the tanks [are] running out as well.”


Edwin Harper

Edwin Harper, a driver at Rotherley Construction, was responsible for organising the water delivery service. He said after seeing the plight of his friends, he suggested using the truck to deliver the commodity to the affected areas.

Harper told Barbados TODAY he was overwhelmed by the expressions of gratitude from the residents.

“When you give them water, they were so happy and it was like Christmas giving somebody a present and seeing how they feel,” he said. (KK)




2 Responses to Water relief

  1. Phil October 2, 2016 at 9:12 am

    A very kind and worthwhile gesture. How long will it continue? who is paying for the water they “catch”? And where are they “catching” it? In my opinion, this is only a stop-gap exercise to allow Joanne Haigh to catch her breath and save her voice. after all she’s only making the same excuses over and over and over. and she and Dennis are sounding more and more monotonous. With all these abandoned quarries that are getting garbage and harboring rats and roaches. Why don’t the BWA seal off one or two in a tank like style, pump either desalinated or water from some catchment that would otherwise drain into the sea, pump it to the appropriate aquifer or reservoir and filtered back to the St. Joseph residents.

  2. Tony Webster October 2, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    One person can change the world. Thanks be to these two, and others who actually did something to bring relief to the suffering citizens….plus of course our friends at for media coverage.


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