Theft accused remanded

courtA 53-year-old man was today remanded into custody on theft charges.

Peter Samuel James, who is listed on the police charge sheet as having no fixed place of abode, pleaded not guilty to entering the Esso Holborn Circle Service Station and stealing 183 boxes of cigarettes valued at $1 076. 20, and 63 cigarette lighters worth $62.10.

He allegedly stole the items belonging to Esso Tiger Rock and Investment sometime between September 28 and 29.

James is also accused of having apparatus intended for the misuse of cocaine.

When it came time to discuss bail, police prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson objected on the grounds that James was already on bail from both the No. 1 & 2 District ‘A’ Criminal Courts on similar matters. He also argued that the accused had a multiplicity of theft antecedents and, if granted bail, he might find himself accused of similar offences.

The prosecutor also disclosed that only 58 of the stolen packs of cigarettes had been recovered.

“We wouldn’t want the accused to frustrate the probe, Sir,” he told Magistrate Douglas Frederick.

Before the magistrate could ask the accused whether he had anything to say, James declared his preference to be sent to the Psychiatric Hospital and began to mumble loudly.

“Can you send me to the mental for three weeks, Sir?” he asked.

But Frederick informed the accused that he would be remanded into custody at HMP Dodds until October 28.

“So I not going to the mental, Sir?” James asked.

Frederick replied: “No, not on this occasion.”

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