Students receive seamanship training certificates

Participants of the recent Seamanship Training Programme received their certificates today from Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Richard Sealy.

The participants came from the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic, the Barbados Youth Service and the Schooner Ruth.

The eight-day programme was conducted in July as part of the Caribbean Sail Cargo Initiative.

It was organised by the University of the West Indies Centre for Food Security and Entrepreneurship, with a focus on creating a new marine cargo transportation service which promotes green economy initiatives as well as food security.

Tourism Minister Richard Sealy and Ian Dash of Schooner Ruth.

“This basic seaman ship training that you all have received today…that is the first step on the ladders to a career if you so choose in the maritime industry,” Director of the Schooner Ruth, Ian Dash told the students.

Given that majority of seamen working on inter-island cargo ships are untrained, participants were taught the necessary requirements for fleet improvement and modernisation.

Adrian Lorde from the SJPP was awarded most outstanding student of Maritime Studies with a GPA 3.87.

Most outstanding student Adrian Lorde.

Minister Sealy applauded the organisers of the Maritime Studies Course, noting that many Barbadian households were built on the efforts of seamen, and he encouraged the students to pass on the tradition, which he believes will lead to endless opportunities.

“If we continue to push this program, we will see the real opportunities for rewarding careers,” Sealy said. (KK)

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