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Holy water

Divine intervention for St Joseph water woes

The local evangelist group, Prayer Warriors International Fellowship, journeyed to the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) headquarters and drought-stricken districts of St Joseph today seeking divine intervention, as residents continue to face dry taps.

Citing prayer as the most powerful weapon to combat the island’s troubles, founder Courtney Selman led the group through areas such as Horse Hill, Sugar Hill and Lammings seeking healing for the parish and its people.

The founder of the evangelist group Prayer Warriors International Fellowship, Courtney Selman (second from right), along with other members of his organization.

The founder of the evangelist group Prayer Warriors International Fellowship, Courtney Selman (second from right), along with other members of his organization.

“We believe that prayer works; it’s the most powerful thing that one can employ. That’s what we do, we pray and we see the results,” remarked Selman about his 13-year ministry, adding that residents “were just accepting this very readily and recognized the need”.

Saying that people living in the water scarce districts were grateful for the intervention, the former Barbados fast bowler shared that the most impactful interaction was with a resident who explained the extent of the water situation.

Here, evangelist Courtney Selman (left) gives Burke’s  Village  resident Lisa Grant a bottle of “blessed” water.

Here, evangelist Courtney Selman (left) gives Burke’s Village resident Lisa Grant a bottle of “blessed” water.

“Of all the people who didn’t have water for a number of days, what touched me this morning is that lady who said she just needs some water to take her medication . . . . It got to my heart,” Selman said.

He pleaded with Barbadians to stop wasting water, particularly when there were many people who were not getting a drop of it.

“Try and be conservative in the use of water. When we are bathing, we tend to let the water run wild while we are soaping our skin; we tend to let the run when we are washing out wares . . . . We definitely need to learn to conserve water,” Selman urged.

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2 Responses to Holy water

  1. Brien King
    Brien King October 1, 2016 at 2:34 am

    Funny, you tell us to save water in how we operate home and rightfully so but you didn’t state a word to the BWA for wasting lots of water when burst mains are reported and they don’t come and turn it off with haste, Be consistent please.

  2. jrsmith October 1, 2016 at 4:49 am

    This water issue is nothing to do with climate change or no rain , the problem neglect by the Barbados governments terms after terms , neglecting the water infrastructure..
    (For instance, you have 100 gallons of water for ten houses since 30 years ago, you add houses , businesses, hotels business park warrens but haven’t upgrade or replenished the old system as for the rain when the rain comes , where are you saving the water , where are the new open reservoirs….

    But her is another catch when the rain comes everywhere is flooding why , the same old wells since 30 years ago lots of acreage of land is taken for building purposes and paved over for roads , when the rain comes where does it go no land to soak away the water , no underground storm drainage infrastructure so the local people suffering again and again struggling to clean up and refurbished they homes from water damage…

    All of this praying lark by all of these bible whackers is sitting well with the politicians who does nothing , just sit in they homes smiling.. I though $300,000.00 was pain to some rip off merchant call (Benny Hinn) to pray for Barbados. What happen his pray wasn’t heard…confusion confusion , you get pay for what you do its call employment its call doing something…..


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