Duo jailed for handling stolen items

courtTwo St Michael men charged with handling stolen property were today slapped with prison terms.

Samuel Gardiner Johnson, 52, and Davion Reynaldo Davidson Layne, 22, both of Mason Hall Street, the City, appeared before Magistrate Douglas Frederick.

Johnson pleaded guilty to assisting in the withholding of goods, namely a laptop, laptop charger, laptop bag, a computer mouse and mouse pad belonging to Cheryl Jordan.

According to the facts presented by police prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson, Jordan’s residence was broken into and investigations led police to Johnson.

He took police to a house and pulled up some floorboards, revealing the stolen property. It was positively identified as Jordan’s.

Samuel Gardiner Johnson
Samuel Gardiner Johnson

“I was given the property in a bag and asked to put it up,” Johnson told Magistrate Frederick. “The rain was falling and the person tell me to put it in a safe place.”

“My apologies, Sir. I ask for leniency of the court please, Sir. I was wrong in taking the parcel from the person. Can I get a break please?” he pleaded.

But a check of Johnson’s antecedents showed that he had a history of handling stolen property, gambling and trespassing, and the magistrate sentenced him to six months in jail.

Layne got three months in prison for the offence. However, because he had committed the offence while out on a bond, he was also jailed for six months for breaching that bond. The sentences will run consecutively.

Davion Reynaldo Davidson Layne
Davion Reynaldo Davidson Layne

Layne said he had purchased the items from another man and gave them to Johnson to secure.

He told Frederick that he was home on September 28 when a man came and “pawned” him the computer and a gold chain, for which he handed over $200 and $100 respectively.

The young man told the magistrate his mistake was not asking where the items came from.

“So I get the ‘s’ that the police coming so I told Brek Hand [Johnson] to put it up for me so I can carry it to Central [Police Station] the next day. But he [Johnson] didn’t know what was in the bag. I told him to make sure he secured it,” Layne sought to explain.

When Magistrate Frederick informed the accused of his sentence, he replied: “I know, that ain’t no problem. I face my music, that ain’t no problem.”

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