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RDC comes to family’s aid

Porey Spring, St Thomas resident Felicia Skeete and her family are getting some much-needed assistance to repair their wooden home which was extensively damaged by a fallen tree earlier this month.

Skeete told Barbados TODAY that she was now breathing a sigh of relief after officers from the Rural Development Commission (RDC) and a contractor visited her home this morning to evaluate the damage and also promise that as early as next week the repairs will commence.

The damage in Felicia Skeete’s home.

The damage in Felicia Skeete’s home.

The past few weeks have not been easy for Skeete and her family of five who attempted to shelter themselves from the elements by using a tarpaulin to cover the section of the house where the roof was damaged.

Yesterday, as Tropical Storm Matthew passed, Skeete was busy mopping up water that poured into the house. She said the tarpaulin was lifted by the high winds and buckets and containers which were placed to catch the rain water, just did not work.

“The water drenched the bedroom and was coming all through the passage way. As fast as it [containers] full, I had to throw the water through the window. I had real water and had to stop the children from using the bathroom and everything,” Skeete recalled, noting it was quite a difficult task preventing the entire house from flooding.

The mother said it was a good feeling to be assured that from next week when the repairs start, her family would be able to have some comfort again. She said she was very grateful for the RDC’s intervention.

“I am very grateful. I am glad that they will come because I can’t deal with this water so all the time. I am an asthmatic and my daughter’s little boy is an asthmatic too. I had on a weather jacket and still get drenched yesterday,” Skeete explained.

“I had to hold on from the wind and we even had to go up in the roof. Then I had to turn off the current because I wasn’t taking any chances before one of the children go and press the switch and then something happen,” she added.

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