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Pensioner injured when toilet collapsed appeals for help

Home is not necessarily a temple of comfort for Porey Spring, St Thomas pensioner Daisy Greene.

The 76-year-old Greene has no indoor or outdoor bathroom facilities and must endure a leaky roof over her small wooden house.

Parliamentary representative for St Thomas Cynthia Forde (left) visited with Daisy Greene Wednesday.

Parliamentary representative for St Thomas Cynthia Forde (left) visited with Daisy Greene Wednesday.

The elderly woman suffered an ordeal six months ago when the platform and seat of her pit toilet collapsed while she was using it, sending her crashing into the hole and injuring her knees and ankles. A neighbour who heard her cries went to her rescue.

Greene told Barbados TODAY that Tropical Storm Matthew kept her on her aching knees and ankles all day Wednesday, mopping the floor well into the night to prevent her home from flooding from the water that flowed through the holes in the roof.

“The house want fixing. All in the back leaking and I had to put all the old clothes on the floor in the back bedroom to dry up the water in there and in the kitchen. So I would be glad to get help as soon as possible,” she pleaded, adding she was forced to find alternative means to relieve herself.


The pit toilet where Daisy Greene was injured.

Member of Parliament for the area Cynthia Forde, who was checking in on residents when Barbados TODAY visited the area, said she had appealed to the Rural Development Commission (RDC) for urgent help for her Greene and was awaiting a final word from the state agency.

Forde said the RDC had acknowledged her request and had sent officers to evaluate the elderly woman’s plight and assessed the cost.

However, she said nothing had been done since.

“Even if they had built back another pit toilet it would still help. But after all it’s a woman and she has to have human urges and so on, and I believe it is about time we get some help,” Forde said.

The Opposition legislator absolved RDC Director Randolph Outram and his officers of any blame, contending that had he been given the resources and authority to assist her constituents, he would have done so.

“I wish that authority would be given to the Director. And the person I know him to be if he could have done it, I believe he would have because he is a very humane person,” Forde said.

One Response to Pensioner injured when toilet collapsed appeals for help

  1. Alex Alleyne September 30, 2016 at 9:02 am

    What as shame, this condition did not come over night. So MS. Forde where were you all the time ?.


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