Life back to normal in the north

It was business as usual in the north of the island today following the passage of Tropical Storm Matthew.

In Speightstown, residents were going about their usual duties, shopping and paying bills.

There was no sign of damage to businesses or roads in the area. In fact, except for overcast skies, one might not have guessed there had been a severe weather system affecting the island just a few hours before.

Vegetable vendor Isilma Scantlebury, who resides in Boscobelle, St Peter, said she was not really affected by the rain.

“The weather was alright. It didn’t treat me too bad. And I’m thankful there was no damage,” she said.

While business had resumed, for her it was slow.

“But that’s the norm sometimes, you know, so hopefully it gets better as the day goes on and into the weekend,” Scantlebury added.

Over in Mount Brevitor, the scene was pretty much the same. All was calm and peaceful and most residents seemed to have gone back out to work.

An employee at Vana’s Variety said he was thankful to have been spared the wrath of Matthew.

“I guess we were some of the fortunate ones. All we had was a little rain, but that’s it. Everything is good over here,” he reported.

Benn Hill, St Peter resident Shirley Phillips chose to wait out the storm at her daughter’s home in Mount Brevitor.

“The weather was not too bad. [There was] a little high wind but we were good. We didn’t have water, though. It came back in the early morning but it’s gone again,” Philips said.

Overall, it appeared that residents in the north heeded the warnings of authorities and stayed indoors.

When a Barbados TODAY team visited some areas yesterday, the roads were clear except for the occasional car and a police vehicle patrolling the streets.

Cloudy skies, heavy rains, strong winds and some flooding were seen from Gay’s Village in St Peter to Bagatelle in St Thomas, and some roads were partially blocked. 

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