Storm appeal

St Peter residents cry out for emergency water supplies

As the island braces for the impact of a severe weather system later tonight, some residents are furious that their taps are still dry.

Today, a Barbados TODAY team visited some communities in the north of the island where residents vented their frustration at the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) for not doing more to help them prepare.

One St Peter resident, who requested anonymity, questioned how he was supposed to store water.

“How can you have impending bad weather and don’t give the people at least a day of running water to store up in the case of an emergency. How is that possible? It’s ridiculous,” he said.

Kathy Jordan of Gay’s Village, St Peter said the situation was “simply ridiculous”.

Kathy Jordan has to resort to catching water at standpipes to stock up for the impending bad weather. 
Kathy Jordan has to resort to catching water at standpipes to stock up for the impending bad weather. 

“It’s ridiculous. Every day they’re turning off the pipe. Every day you have to be going to the standpipe and that isn’t easy. They are telling you to look out for the trucks but we aren’t seeing them. I have to go now to a standpipe and look for water to keep in the house in the case of an emergency. The can foods and stuff there, but no water. What they really want us to do?” Jordan asked.

Dorothy Hutchinson also of Gay’s Village said the water problem was past the point of being frustrating.

Dorothy Hutchinson
Dorothy Hutchinson

“This water problem has me so frustrated. Paying a water bill and you still have to go and bring water. We had no water since Friday.  We had to call and beg them to send a truck to put water in the tanks so we would get water. One went to the school and put in water in the tank, the water was like mud.  And school children have to use that water. They could get sick,” Hutchinson complained.

She added, “I’m always prepared but we will have to make do with what we have. We would have to catch the rain water and use that. But that’s ridiculous.”

Petra Jackman of Mile & A Quarter, St Peter said though water was the most important thing at the moment she had none.

Petra Jackman is frustrated that she currenlty has no water. 
Petra Jackman is frustrated that she currently has no water.

“Right now it affecting me real bad. I didn’t have water from yesterday morning. All like now, none. What little I had catch is gone already. I haven’t see a water truck since the pipe was off. Not one. We have been calling and no one isn’t coming,” added Petra Jackman of Mile & A Quarter.

“We are expecting bad weather so we will have to put out buckets to catch the water. That way we will have some. That looks like the only means of water we are going to get. Things real bad that we can’t even get little water to store for the bad weather. The can foods aren’t important, it’s the water. Without water we cant do anything,” Jackman said.

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