Bajans heed weather warnings

Barbadians have been mostly stocking up on dry goods, batteries and other emergency supplies in preparation for the approaching storm.

A Barbados TODAY roving team travelled from the centre to the south to east coast of the island this afternoon in an effort to determine the sense of national urgency and was greeted by long lines at some service stations. At Warrens, St Michael, the wait was a long one for customers who were part of the last-minute rush.

Long lines greeted customers at Massy Stores, Warrens.
Long lines greeted customers at Massy Stores, Warrens.

The manager at Emerald City Supermarket in St Philip, David Harris, also reported that residents had started to stock up on supplies earlier this week when the weather advisory was first issued.

“It started yesterday, people were in and it was an unusual business day for us. People came in and began to select their items for readiness,” said Harris.

“They [shoppers] have been buying the batteries and getting ready for any eventuality because Barbadian are not taking any chances. Whatever is required of them, including biscuits, torches or whatever is needed for the bad weather,” he added.

This was a perspective shared by shopper Oren Atwell, who revealed that he had done most of his shopping for hurricane essentials the day before, and was only back for a torchlight and batteries.

“I already sorted out my food since yesterday and I just need to get some batteries. I believe in preparing even if nothing happens, the things won’t be wasted,” Atwell told Barbados TODAY.

However, some shoppers at Massy Stores, Oistins, Christ Church who declined to go on record, stated that they were just doing their normal end of the month shopping as they believed that the direction of the system would change as customary.

One even dared to use classic cliché expression that “God is a Bajan”.

In addition, the roving team was hard pressed to find persons installing hurricane shutters in the five parishes visited. It was only in St George that one middle aged couple was spotted fitting their windows with shutters.

There was also some buzz in Consett Bay, St John as fisherfolk did not waste any time in getting their vessels out of the water in anticipation of rough seas. One such captain admonished Barbadians not to make light of the weather advisory simply because the country was spared in the past.

“I don’t think that it is good idea to ignore the weather warning, things could happen and they could also change quite quickly. People think that because God is with us all the time that nothing can happen,” warned captain Bentley Bushell.

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