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Anglican clergyman Reverend John Rogers has urged Barbadians to step out and help guide the nation’s youth as he underscored the need for mentorship in the society.

Speaking at a church service this morning at his St George Parish Church to launch National Youth Week, Reverend Rogers questioned whether adults had created a void in the society by not mentoring and helping to guide young people.

“Have we created a void for our young people? Is there a case where we did not pass down the lessons that we were taught? We often talk about attending Sunday School as children and all we have learnt, why aren’t we enforcing that for our children? Have we broken the line of transmission?” Rogers questioned.

He reminded parents and guardians that great nations are built by persons going above and beyond the call of duty and implored them to do more to help their charges.

“What are we doing for generations to come? Don’t we care about our children and our children’s children?”

Reverend Rogers lamented that too many people were caught up with their own personal gain and this he said was one of the reasons that young people were suffering.

“ This is why we are having so much problems in our society. Persons think of themselves only. This I believe is why we are having problems with the Student Revolving Loan Fund, persons who borrowed in the past don’t see the need to repay so others can benefit and that is sad,” Rogers added.

He also encouraged the youth to be contented with what they have and to always hold fast to the word of God.

“The love of money is the root to all evil. Contentment with Godliness is a good thing. Remember that. Hold firm to your faith even though you may see others going down the wrong road. Stick to what you believe in and fight the good fight,” he added.

In his address to the congregation, Minister of Youth Stephen Lashley also stressed that the young people needed more parental guidance.

“Parents need to enforce rules and not let the children run things. Let the children know who is boss and don’t let them tell you what they are going to do,” Lashley said.

He added that his ministry was currently looking at ways in which they could ‘big up’ positive young people to show that not all of them are going astray.

Youth Week continues tomorrow with an open day at the Ministry of Youth in Haggatt Hall, St Michael and will conclude with the Richard Herbert Memorial Cricket Match on October 1st at Eden Lodge, St Michael

4 Responses to Help our youth

  1. Kay Critchlow
    Kay Critchlow September 26, 2016 at 4:07 am

    People say there’s to much bible bashing yet look what’s happening now the kids don’t have to listen don’t go to church etc ! And this Reverend is so right money is the root of all evil and the kids these days all they want is money .

  2. jrsmith September 26, 2016 at 6:24 am

    Why black people always come up with money is the root of all evil thats because they don’t have any, @ , Kay C , hail ,hail 15 of the riches pastors in the world is worth almost half a billions dollars . so they are not Godly………
    Centuries of past physical slavery and centuries of mental slavery and of white man control is where black people is at and confused….
    You religious leaders and politicians are the ones to take the blame , stop blaming parents and the schools for failing our kids…
    You preachers keep brainwashing our children with all the versions of the bible and the manufacturing of 100s of various religions , which is non productive and very confusing ,none which educates our kids , none which teaches our kids anything of they history. You all teach nothing to the kids of our black culture and cover the fact that we have nothing left of our black heritage all in collusion with the politicians , who offers nothing to the people but depend on religions to keep our people in check, decade after decade…

    Look at the black confusion in (US) 50 years ago and back at the same cross roads today , burning and shootings black history a black (President) 2 terms in office and the blacks has achieved a new civil rights movement , the removing of a flag and more black on black murders…and they are now trying to
    achieve what I don’t know now he is leaving office…..

  3. Angela Fergusson September 26, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    JR Smith a few of your points are valid, one being the following: “preachers keep brainwashing our children with all versions of the the bible and the manufacturing of 100s of various of religions, which is non productive and very confusing.”
    Because children learn what they see, I am afraid there is a whole lot of things for each one of us in society to, and therefore lead our children in a more positive direction. Here is a short list: Church: Encourage the young children to study (a set of verses in the Bible each week, give them a chance to speak about the verse indicating how they play out and express the positive action in their lives.) Parents: Please spend more time interacting with your children, give them a chance to express their personal feelings, and concerns of their lives. Include them in making the grocery list, share time as they show their computer skills and other acquired skills. Be their audience!
    These actions are important since children want to belong, and are interested in playing a part. Let them rap, sing, act, or talk. Given them the stage helps to build confidence and helps to tap into their creative spirit. Because we already loved them, this interaction strengthen and allows them less time to seek possibly outside negative forces in their quest for “something exciting to do especially if they are bored.”


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