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St Thomas woman shot in the head

A 58-year-old woman escaped serious injury after she was shot in her head Wednesday morning.

According to police, the woman was involved in a family dispute and was shot in the right side of her head at Arch Hall, St Thomas just after 9:45.

She was treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and subsequently discharged.

Police have detained a 37-year-old man and are questioning him in connection with the shooting.

One Response to St Thomas woman shot in the head

  1. Aneta September 23, 2016 at 9:05 am

    The judge should make him read the scripture verse that speaks to honouring thy mother and father every day for three months and then another three months reading it backwards without the use of the Bible. If he can’t perform this task, lock him up for ten years. Now I know he dumb so he’ll get the time. Cause only someone dumb would dishonour his mother. NO MERCY FOR HIM.


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