No break for Belle

courtRyan Ricardo Belle will spend the next three months behind bars for stealing $576 worth of goods from a Bridgetown store.

Belle, 26, of 3rd Avenue Chapman Lane, St Michael told the No 1 District ‘A’ Court presided over by Magistrate Douglas Frederick, that he was guilty of stealing five oils valued at $115, eight creams valued $141, and two hair clippers worth $320 belonging to #1 Beauty Supplies on September 21.

In presenting the facts, Prosecutor Sergeant Hazel Browne said Belle entered the store carrying a brown cloth bag. He was observed by one of the cashiers placing items in the bag and heading to the exit.

The cashier alerted other staff members who pursued Belle, but while they recovered the stolen property they were unable to apprehend the thief.

However, Belle dropped his cellular phone as he made his getaway and police were able to retrieve information about him.

He was later seen walking along Tudor Street, heading towards Suttle Street, and was arrested on suspicion of theft.

Asked by Frederick whether he had anything to say, Belle replied: “It’s true that I carry way the things, Sir. I beg for a chance, Sir, even if it’s community service. I was just brek yesterday; I didn’t have any money. I does normally do a little work on the side.”

The young man pleaded for “a little chance of a fine, or a bond, or probation or community service”.

“Sir, I get a little job,” he claimed.

But the Magistrate was skeptical.

 “Yesterday you were broke, so how come you get work now you are in police custody? Why couldn’t you hold on to a little hope that things will get a little better tomorrow because everyday is fishing day but not every day is catching day?” he asked before imposing the sentence.

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