Announcement expected soon on mobile LTE

A declaration is expected soon on Long Term Evolution (LTE) – a technical process for high-speed data for phones and other mobile devices – as part of Government’s plans to advance information and communications technology (ICT), according to Minister with responsibility for Telecommunications Senator Darcy Boyce.

Without going into details, Boyce told this week’s ICT Barbados Conference taking place at the Crane Resort, “some very important announcements” would be made regarding the standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones and data terminals, the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) said in a release.

“We will soon make some important announcements for LTE services by all mobile carriers in the country,” the minister was quoted as saying as he spoke of steps being taken by the Freundel Stuart administration to develop ICT.

“These include the finalization of the broadband strategy, developing a universal service fund, and expanding work on cyber security. Work will also start on the implementation of local number portability, and steps are being taken to upgrade parts of the Telecommunications Act and other legislation pertinent to ICT,” the BGIS release stated.

The Barbados conference is being held under the auspices of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU), of which Boyce is president.

He stressed the importance of a regional policy on ICT, suggesting that such a policy should focus on a number of critical areas, including collaboration to support regional strength in international negotiations, cyber security, regional Internet, and control of the regional air space for satellite transmissions.

Boyce suggested there was a special role for the CTU and the Caribbean Community in facilitating the momentum in implementing ICT initiatives around the region.

This would include canvassing countries to see what they were doing and to examine their plans; sharing best practice and arranging technical resources from around the region and elsewhere to help countries build capacity to implement their plans.

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  1. Tony Webster September 23, 2016 at 9:02 am

    The best of Bajan luck to you my friend. I support in principle, all you have said….except the little part where CARICOM is identified as a key component in implementation. Instead, I suggest we increase VAT to 30%, and “ear-mark” such surplus funds to engage competent international consultants-cum-implementation teams…to FIRST fix OUR problems, and to fully put the chosen policies in place……and then…only then pass the buck to our CARICOM brethren .

    How to define “Kiss-Of-Death Syndrome”? C.A.R.I.C.O.M.


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