Parish ambassadors host water drive

St John parish ambassadors Rasheda Beckles and Kadeem Maynard today sought to bring relief to residents who have been experiencing a prolonged water shortage by hosting the Park Mapp Water Drive.

Beckles told Barbados TODAY that Mapp was a St John legend well known for his contributions to the parish and to the Barbados Water Authority.

She stated that the idea for the drive was conceived after they were unable to get a glass of drinking water from residents during their parish walk-through in the areas of Messiah Street and Edge Cliffe last week.

“It was so sad to see that people don’t have drinking water, which is a necessity in their house to drink or offer someone who is in need of it,” said Beckles.

St John Parish Ambassador Rasheda Beckles speaking to a resident.

Driving through the water-deprived districts to provide residents with bottles of water, Beckles stated that more needed to done for residents, adding that “we can’t really be honouring an individual who had contributed so much to the Barbados Water Authority and our own people are without water”.

Secretary Treasurer of the St John Parish committee, Jacqueline Leech, told Barbados TODAY the shortages, which have been ongoing for the past two years, have taken a toll on the community.

“It has impacted us very seriously because sometimes … on mornings we have to get up to go to work or go school we cannot get water. It is really hard.”

Despite the current inconvenience of dry taps, Beckles and Maynard say they aim to highlight the cheerfulness and vivaciousness of St John and its people at Lodge School next Saturday for the Spirit of the Nation Talent Show. (KK)

3 Responses to Parish ambassadors host water drive

  1. Joan Wickham
    Joan Wickham September 17, 2016 at 8:06 pm

    instead of you ppl get together with the effected ppl/picket the BWA, to make an effort to get water to those ppl,you ppl continue to enable them, i am not impress, will you be taking water every day, have a seat with rest of enablers

  2. seagul September 18, 2016 at 8:16 am

    Despite the current inconvenience of……….. cheerfulness and vivaciousness of St John and its people at Lodge School next Saturday for the Spirit of the Nation Talent Show…
    The people need WATER–all this cheerfulness and vivaciousness are just hot air for a tap show….

  3. Tony Webster September 18, 2016 at 8:41 am

    Not exactly smart P.R. of the political kind…but at least exposes the desperation of the political Goriliphants….to be seen to be doing something….ANYTHING!!
    Might have considered a rain-dance instead?


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