NCF stages ‘Taste of NIFCA’

The National Cultural Foundation (NCF) created a buzz for its upcoming Festival with a ‘Taste of NIFCA’ at Jubilee Gardens in the city.

With the preliminaries already underway, it was time to switch the conversation from Crop Over to NIFCA and today’s showcase featured a diverse cast of some of the best acts across the performing arts disciplines in a mini-concert.

The event began with a call to order from the community group the Israel Lovell Drummers; followed by popular Spoken Word artist DJ Simmons with his piece called ‘Vibes’.

Israel Lovell Drummers

Adela Payne performed her rendition of ‘Emmerton’ to a guitar accompaniment; Janine White, another popular name in Theatre, delivered a comical drama piece Waiting in Line; while a mix of street and modern contemporary dance brought the event to a close with the ADL Adrenalin Dancers and Justin Poleon.

Young Caricature Artist, Sammawah Downes and Landscape Painter, Pedro Taitt, brought some of the Visual Arts elements of the Festival into the space.  Emcee Jennifer Walker, with her usual entertaining self, kept the event lighthearted and funny.

The NCF said this year’s promotional plan, to be held under the theme ‘The Power of the Arts’, will demonstrate how NIFCA can effect change on the local cultural landscape.

It will highlight its contribution to the career development of some of the practitioners across all disciplines with ‘After NIFCA What?’  Other components of the promotion include a focus on rehabilitation using the arts, and utilizing the creative arts as a successful tool for social and cognitive transformation with ‘Saved by NIFCA’.

Caricature artist at work

In recognition of Barbados’ 50th anniversary of independence, a special Independence Gala will be held at Kensington Oval, to celebrate excellence at NIFCA over the years.

In commemoration of the golden jubilee, and in recognition of 30 years of Barbados’ formal cultural and diplomatic relationship with Cuba, three scholarships valued at BDS $5,000 each will be offered across all disciplines NIFCA toward training in the arts in Cuba, via the Centro Nacional de Escuelas de Arte, for entries which best celebrate the 50th anniversary of Independence.

The first weekend of the NIFCA semi-finals will run from October 7-9 and the second weekend from October 14-16.  The Oct. 7th event will take place at Lester Vaughan and the Oct. 14th event will head to the north at the Alexandra School.  All other semi-final events will take place at the Combermere School Hall. The start time for all NIFCA semi-final events is 6:00 p.m.

The NIFCA finals will be held at the Frank Collymore Hall from October 28 – 31.


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