TRINIDAD – Aerial search for seaweed

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PORT OF SPAIN – The sargassum seaweed floating across the Atlantic Ocean and piling up on beaches on Tobago and the north and east coast of Trinidad, is diminishing, says Meteorological Service.

The Met office said it made the assessment through aerial reconnaissance done by the National Operations Centre, Air Division.

Seaweed off the coast at Matura Village on Trinidad’s northeast coastline.
Seaweed off the coast at Matura Village on Trinidad’s northeast coastline.

Having seen the impacted area, the Met office said the seaweed was “ more localized and may persist over the next 24 to 48 hours unless driven to beach areas”.

However, the Met Office said that there were still evidence of the seaweed nearshore in regions of north eastern Tobago with smaller traces along the south east coast.

“The presence of oceanic sargassum seaweed has diminished as forecasted with remnants of the event still evident primarily in the nearshore regions of north eastern Tobago, with small linearly entrained mats off the island’s south-east coast,” stated the release.

The Met office added: “Through satellite data analysis, extensive mats are present on both the Guiana shelf, approximately 350 NM south-east of Galeota Point and north of the Amazon River mouth. Numerical ocean current forecast models however do not indicate the immediate movement of either of these mats towards the southern Caribbean within the next five days”.

The Met Office is asking the public to exercise caution and be on the lookout for small isolated mats of sargassum.

Source: (Trinidad Express)

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