Goddard answers for eight gold chains

courtThe trial of Allan Goddard opened in the No. 5 Supreme Court today.

Goddard, 34, is accused of robbing Connell Hunte of eight gold chains worth $14,000 ten years ago.

According to the facts read by Principal Crown Counsel Elwood Watts, Hunte was wearing the jewellery when he ventured into Oistins, Christ Church around noon on April 4, 2006 to get something to eat.

As Hunte sat down to enjoy his meal, he felt a tugging around his neck and the chains breaking and saw someone running away.

He pursued the culprit, but was unable to catch up with him.

The victim, who was the first one to take the stand this morning, said his case had taken so long to be heard, that he had turned the matter over to the Lord.

However, recalling the day of the incident, he told the court that he was about to savour his two pieces of KFC chicken when he was attacked by a man in “bluish short pants and . . . some kinda piece of ugly shirt”.

Hunte, who was in his late 60’s at the time and living at #27 Kingsland, Christ Church, also explained that he had “eight heavy gold chains, some with heavy pendants”.

He went on to identify a gold chain with a pendant with the word ‘honey’ inscribed on it and marked with his initials.

“I know the chain because I was wearing it for sometime and I love it very much . . . the last time I saw it was at the Oistins Police station,” he told the court.

Hunte was later cross examined by Goddard’s attorney Marlon Gordon. The accused man is also being represented by lawyer Mohia Ma’at.

Police Constable David Breedy, who was part of the investigating team, also took the witness stand and gave evidence.

He returns to court tomorrow when the case resumes before a nine-member jury.

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  1. Antonio Phillips-Griffith Bsc
    Antonio Phillips-Griffith Bsc September 16, 2016 at 1:00 am

    10 years for a case to start….this is ridiculous


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