Westbury students return to the classroom

Teachers and students of Westbury Primary finally returned to a renovated school today, two days after the official start of the 2016 school year.

While classes resumed at other schools on Monday, the Westbury Road, St Michael institution remained closed so that work which began during the holiday could be completed, according to a release from the Ministry of Education.

When Barbados TODAY visited the institution, an official confirmed that students and teachers were settled in and happy with the facelift the school had been given over the summer vacation.

However, President of the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) Pedro Shepherd told Barbados TODAY that teachers had turned up at the school on Monday, only to realize that it was not in a state of readiness. He said he was not surprised, given that he took a tour of the school last week and had concluded the renovations could not have been completed by the first day.

Shepherd said a decision should have been taken to keep the school closed for an extra week.

“I would want to say to the Ministry that particularly during the summer when they are doing massive repairs to schools that you assess the situation. If repairs to a school are, let’s say, a three-month job, obviously you cannot get it done within the nine weeks of the summer period,” he said.

However, the BUT head said he appreciated the significant work that had gone into enhancing the building.

“The school is now significantly better than it was before. One has to appreciate the level of work that went into the school. The school looks practically new,” he said.

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