King gives Gov’t ‘F’ grade

Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate for St Philip West John King has accused Government of failing to meet even the basic needs of Barbadians.

Addressing a meeting of the party’s constituency branch on Sunday, King highlighted several issues facing the country, including the water woes experienced by some residents in the north and the east.

He lambasted the powers that be for spending millions of dollars to build an expansive Barbados Water Authority (BWA) headquarters in the Pine, while many people still had dry taps.

King contended that the two temporary desalination plants Government is depending on to boost water distribution – one which opened in Hope, St Lucy last month and the other in Trents, St James due to be in operation soon – were not the answer.

“The plant is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Don’t you think that the millions of dollars which went into building the spanking new office could have built a permanent desalination plant?” he asked.

King questioned which was more important: “Delivering water to your people or sitting in a brand new office?”

The BLP candidate also queried the sense of building a new sugar cane factory. Saying that nothing was adding up with this Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration, he wondered aloud what the purpose of the proposed factory when “lots of land that was in sugar production is now bush or housing areas and . . . every year we cannot meet the quota for London”.

“Why are you building a new one when Portvale is there and can handle all that coming in – cause it is only a little bit?” King said.

The former calypsonian also addressed the crime situation, particularly gun crime and violence among the youth.

He said while many suggestions have been put forward to solve the problem, including imposing stiffer penalties on people found with firearms, it must be determined how the guns are getting into the country in the first place.

“Because we don’t have [any] gun factories in Barbados, so if you want to deal with the guns, firstly we must deal with securing our borders and our ports of entry,” King said.

He further suggested that there is a need to examine young people’s mental health, which he said could be affected by the violence they are witnessing on social media, television and in games, as well as exposure to drugs and alcohol.

“We have a habit that when we talk about health we only talk about eating healthy and everything to do with the body, but not about the health of the mind,” King lamented.

“We have a lot of resources that we don’t use – psychologists and social workers who should be in the primary and secondary schools and in the communities working with our young people. We have to get more involved in the lives of our young people and we have to find more productive things for them to do.”

At the constituency level, King said there was need for better representation. He made a case for political change.

“This country will not prosper and it will not flourish in the direction it is going. We have to change our thinking, we have to change the status quo, and God knows we have to change the Government,” the BLP candidate said.

6 Responses to King gives Gov’t ‘F’ grade

  1. Phil September 14, 2016 at 8:52 am

    Not an “F” grade, it is a “H” grade. H here stands for HOPELESS.

  2. Ormond Mayers September 14, 2016 at 9:13 am

    Hope the people of St. Phillip are not fooled by you
    and the political garbage. Where you come from all of
    a sudden?

    • Shoi September 14, 2016 at 12:51 pm

      What political garbage are you speaking of Mr. Mayers? It is true he may not have been on the political scene until recently but being a musician who has performed social commentary, he is certainly not blind to the plight of the Barbadian people.

      And the things he are speaking of are real issues. The water crisis is a very big issue in this country, or are you unaware?

      The questions he raised about the sugar factory are issues, that I, as a young person, also asked myself. Us Barbadians are seeing and noticing these issues. These are not issues that are unnoticed by the public. He does not need to fool anybody. He is speaking truth and I hope the people of St. Phillip see this and take notice.

  3. Alex Alleyne September 14, 2016 at 4:45 pm

    POLITICS, oh my word.

  4. Coralita September 14, 2016 at 11:14 pm

    John King, stick to singing or whatever it is you do best, because you already meking yuhself look like a damn fool.

    You don’t even have one damn solution to put on the table but regurgitating all the stuff all the others chew and swallow and puke back up like a cow.

    Make parents responsible for the vagabonds they are raising and stop blaming the government, school, church and every other individual for these loose canons called young people. I raised two children and the only one who will be responsible for any foolishness they do is they themselves and their parents. We raised them and inculcated values in them not anyone else.

    When young people are doing well, their parents and a few selected others get all the credit, not the government, school, church or anyone else. It is ironic though that when they turn out to be vagabonds and criminals, the government, school, church and everyone else gets the credit!!!!

    I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY OF THEM!!! Let whoever raised them take responsibility.

  5. Sunshine Sunny Shine September 15, 2016 at 8:00 pm

    The DLP are already branded as poor. No need for you to tell the people what the people already know. You need to come with a different agenda that would prove to the people that your transition from calypso to politics is well deserved one and not one where you will prove how much of Johnny, ma boy, you really are.


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