Double Trouble

Two accused of causing a scene in the City

Two St Michael residents suffered different fates today, after they both admitted to causing a disturbance on Chapel Street, The City on September 13.

Dario Jamar Cheltenham, 23, of Pavilion Road, Bush Hall and his co-accused Raven Davina Gill, 25, of Passage Garden, Passage Road pleaded guilty to the offence when they appeared before Magistrate Douglas Frederick.

Dario Jamar Cheltenham & Raven Davina Gill
Dario Jamar Cheltenham & Raven Davina Gill

Cheltenham also entered a guilty plea of using abusive language to Police Constable Omar Walker-Maynard in the execution of his duties.

In presenting the facts, police prosecutor Neville Watson said Cheltenham and Gill were involved in a extremely loud argument outside KFC on Tudor Street, The City and were “cussing and ranting” which resulted in disruption to the flow of traffic.

In explaining what happened on Tuesday afternoon, Cheltenham, a vendor, said he was minding his own business outside the fast food restaurant when Gill confronted him.

“I da walking away from trouble you know because I in court already and I not about putting myself in no trouble,” he said, as he went on to explain what happened.

Cheltenham also said it was not his intention to use expletives towards officer Walker-Maynard, but “my head was really hot that time . . . I don’t want to go to jail.”

However, after reviewing of Cheltenham’s antecedents, Frederick stated: “What we recognize is that all your marbles are not together.”

Meanwhile, Gill’s lawyer Ryan Moseley argued for his client to get the treatment meted out to first time offenders.

Frederick advised Gill to stay away from Cheltenham, saying, “He is trouble. He is a walking charge sheet. You know how you had Gear Box and Ninja Man, he is one of those characters, but the difference is that he has a violent streak, so when you see him try to stay away from him.”

Gill was reprimanded and discharged while Cheltenham was remanded into custody at HMP Dodds until September 19.

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  1. Savannah Summers
    Savannah Summers September 14, 2016 at 10:47 pm

    Smh…I can’t believe you still in this

  2. Anne Ince
    Anne Ince September 14, 2016 at 11:34 pm

    Waste of time..smh.


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