Caught red handed

Wiggins nabbed in the bush

He pleaded guilty to trespassing and theft charges but that was not enough to keep Arturo DeAngelo Wiggins out of jail.

Wiggins, 21, who has no fixed place of abode, was remanded into custody after he admitted to entering the Deanna Dear’s home on September 8 and stealing $90.60 in cash, along with a $600 pair of sunglasses belonging to Stephen Dear.

According to the facts read by the police prosecutor, Wiggins and another unidentified man were seen entering the Dear’s residence on September 8 around 12:45 p.m. by a neighbour who later called the police.

When lawmen arrived on the scene, Wiggins, who was hiding in the garage, ran away and hid in a bushy area, but was later apprehended.

He admitted to taking the items from the house.

His attorney Mohia Ma’at told the court that his client was sorry for his actions and apologized to the family and everyone affected by his actions.

“I ask that consideration be given for a suspended sentence, to the young man who has much promise. Another option, Your Worship, is for probation where he can be closely monitored by the Probation Department . . . in an effort to have a non custodial sentence imposed on the young man as he had not wasted judicial time,” Ma’at argued.

“He [Wiggins] said, ‘I am the man, I am guilty,’ but I also wish to ask for mercy, justice tempered with mercy, Sir.”

However, Frederick countered that such an offence required some type of jail term, as “he was caught red handed”.

“A suspended sentence will not do for him because we do not know the cause of his illness. I have to refer him to the officials that are competent in such matters,” Frederick said as he requested a pre-sentencing report from the Probation Department.

“I have no choice at this time but to remand him into custody . . . and see what is wrong with him and how we can help him . . . and see whether we can put him back on the right track.”

Wiggins returns to court on October 11.      

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