Caricom still pushing WICB’s dissolution

Despite a deafening three-month silence from CARICOM relative to the push for the dissolution of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), Vincentian Prime Minister and head of the sub-committee on cricket, Ralph Gonsalves, is adamant that CARICOM is still resolute in its position.

Gonsalves spoke with Barbados TODAY earlier this week following his participation at the Brexit symposium, held at the UWI Cave Hill campus. His comments came against the background of seven former members of the WICB, describing the Dave Cameron-led administration as one which operated as if ‘untouchable’.

Dr Ralph Gonsalves says Caricom still wants the WICB gone.
Dr Ralph Gonsalves says Caricom still wants the WICB gone.

“I think the heads of government all agree that the current management of the WICB leaves a lot to be desired. CARICOM continues to hold the position that West Indies cricket is a public good and cannot be administered solely by a private entity. There has to be an interface between that private entity with other authority systems within our region,” said Gonsalves, who reiterated the position that governments had no designs on the administration of regional cricket.

“Two legal opinions have been put before us at the last CARICOM meeting in July and as head of the Prime minister’s sub-committee on cricket, we intend to pursue those particular opinions and to follow through and take the steps, which I believe would be supported wholeheartedly by CARICOM.”

Gonsalves’ optimism seemed a direct contradiction to earlier comments by Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne, who broke ranks with CARICOM and rejected the notion of dissolution of the WICB. In addition, despite CARICOM’s position of cessation of ties with the board, the WICB still managed to successful host two Test series within member states.

However Gonsalves, who is also one the region’s top legal minds, is confident that his sub-committee would have the blessing of the over-arching body to pursue the matter in a court of law relentlessly.

“We have to test this matter in the courts if the West Indies Cricket Board does not want to change, it is as simple as that. If I read the mood of the Caribbean people correctly, this is what they want,” insisted Gonsalves.

“We were just waiting for this season with the Indians to be over and we start to proceed with the matter,” he added.

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  1. Donild Trimp September 14, 2016 at 9:47 am

    It is about time. Now there is no turning back.

    The Leaders of CARICOM will now be seen as a bunch of powerless men who talk the talk but cannot walk the walk if nothing is done about the WICB.


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