Pay back time

Court orders compensation for victims

courtActing Chief Magistrate Douglas Frederick today ordered four people, in three separate cases, to compensate their victims.

Henry Adrian Laurie Marshall, 51, of #21, 4th Avenue, North Wildey Terrace, St Michael was charged with unlawfully and maliciously wounding Jefferson Alleyne on July 15, 2015.

Today, Alleyne told the court he had to pay hundreds of dollars in medical bills and was also absent from work for a three-week period which put him out of pocket by $3,000.

“I apologize to Mr Alleyne for my behaviour. I was under a lot of stress and I overreacted. I am sorry,” Marshall said told his victim, who accepted the apology.

Marshall also asked the court to be lenient in the imposing compensation, as he was not presently working.

Frederick then ordered him to pay $2,000 to Alleyne in three months through the court or be faced with three months imprisonment.

In another matter, Melissa Alicia Haynes, 32, of King’s Village, Holders Hill, St James and Keisha Ianna Payne, 35, of Cemetry Lane, Road View, St Peter were ordered to pay Peta Sobers $1,500 each.

The two women had pleaded guilty on August 30 to unlawfully and maliciously wounding Sobers.

When Sobers took to the witness stand today she told the court that she had been suffering from constant headaches since the May 16, 2015 incident and was faced with several medical bills. She said a doctor had also recommended that she undergoes a CT scan.

She then requested $1,500 from each of the accused women to cover her medical costs, saying: “I just want to end with this case, I don’t want to come to court all the time.”

The two women were given three months to pay the amount. Failure to do so will see then serving three-month sentences.

They were also warned to stay away from the Sobers.

Today, 32-year-old Elkanar Philmore Sealy of #31, Pembroke Road, Grazettes, St Michael was also fined $1,000 in three months and ordered to repay Innotech $5,500 after he confessed to stealing a power generator worth $5,500 belonging to the company.

If he breaches any of these orders, he will have to spend six months in jail.

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  1. Jasmine Adams September 10, 2016 at 7:06 am

    Respect for each other is the basis of any relationship. Should there be lack even in the most minute form there is room for anarchy.


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