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Bangladesh’s bowlers believe the addition of West Indies great Courtney Walsh, as bowling coach, will have a major impact on their team.

“We have been regularly talking among ourselves over the last week about our new bowling coach and when we heard that it was Courtney Walsh, we all became very happy,” said Kamrul Islam Rabbi, one of Bangladesh’s bowlers.

Courtney Walsh (top left) with members of the Bangladesh team.
Courtney Walsh (top left) with members of the Bangladesh team.

On the first day of training, Walsh played the role of observer, making sure not to point out the mistakes of the bowlers, but also making sure to commend them on the things they did right.

“He observed us today, without pointing out any mistakes. When he applauds at something that we do, it means a lot to us. Those of us who are in the pipeline looking forward to playing international cricket, we can learn a lot from him,” said Rabbi.

According to Rabbi, the legendary fast bowler seemed intent on getting the bowlers to get the basics right, looking at from their run ups to their grip on the ball.

After the first few hours with the coach, Rabbi is certain Walsh has much to teach the Bangladeshi bowlers looking to make their mark on the international scene.

“He knows what goes on in an international match. He can bring back a bowler from bad form. He would know my mental state when a batsman dominates me. He can prepare the bowler better in the next game,” said Rabbi.

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