Not enough room for elderly

Two state-run centres for the elderly are bursting at their seams but Minister of Social Care Steve Blackett says Government is currently working to address the situation.

He also told the congregation at Restoration Ministries, Britton’s Hill, St Michael that in addition to “rehabilitative” measures to get occupants back into society, Government was currently exploring other means of accommodating the elderly.

Addressing Sunday’s church service marking the National Assistance Board’s 36th anniversary, the Minister revealed that for a year now, the 34-bed Clyde Gollop Night Shelter for Homeless Men had been operating at maximum capacity, so too the nine-month-old Jorris Dunner Elderly Day Care Centre, which was opened in December 2015 to provide a “safe and stimulating environment” for the aged.

However, Blackett pointed out that Lancaster House, which provides temporary shelter for victims of fire and other natural disasters, had been under-utilized because of its poor condition, adding that a recent monetary donation by the Chinese Embassy “will allow for some structural upgrades so that the facility operates at its maximum capacity”.

Lancaster House has the capacity to accommodate up to three families, but last month when the Chinese Embassy’s assistance of $35,000 was handed over, Blackett said the level of work that needed to be done meant only one family was accommodated at a time over the past year.  

2 Responses to Not enough room for elderly

  1. Hal Austin September 6, 2016 at 5:52 am

    Long-term care should be the responsibility of relat4ives, not the state. In China, the biggest economy in the world, the Confucian social beliefs hold relatives (principally children) are responsible fore the care of the elderly.
    Those who refuse should automatically be disinherited and, further have the cost taken from payroll.

  2. seagul September 6, 2016 at 8:49 am

    Let’s not forget humpty, B’dos is a third world country. The relatives have hardly any money to survive themselves. Every other week or so we proudly present the people who have reached that ceremonial age—and then forgotten. Our children and our elders, that’s what makes us mensch–really humane.
    It is imperative that we make that room–we have heritage, culture pride.


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