Wanted men

Police are seeking the public’s assistance in locating three men who are wanted in connection with separate serious criminal matters.

Wanted are Akeem Dave Mason, 24, also known as ‘Zonzey’ or ‘Killerbean’, las known address was No. 2 Blades Hill, St Philip.

He is five feet nine inches tall, slim, dark, average nose, mouth, ears and eyes.  He has a low haircut.


The second wanted man is 29-year-old Livardo Rogelio Hinds, last known address Lodge Road, Christ Church. He is five feet 11 inches tall, medium build and of dark complexion. Hinds has thick lips, large nostrils, average ears and eyes, and long dreadlocks.


Police are also searching for 17-year-old Omarie Raphael Sargeant, alias ‘Vincy’. His last known address is No. 3 Kirtons, St Philip. He is about five feet six inches tall, slim, with a clear complexion, small nose and eyes. He has average ears and a low haircut.  He also has a tattoo of playboy bunny tattoo on the left side of his neck and a tattoo of Gaza and Thug on the left hand.


The three men are advised that they can present themselves to the police accompanied by an attorney-at-law of their choice.  Mason and Sargeant are considered to be armed and dangerous and should not be approached by the public.

Any person who may know the whereabouts of Akeem Dave Mason, Livardo Rogelio Hinds or Omarie Raphael Sargeant are asked to contact the police emergency number 211, the nearest police station, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIPS (8477).

Police have also reminded the public that it is a serious offence to harbor or assist wanted persons. Anyone caught committing this offence can be prosecuted.

One Response to Wanted men

  1. BoboTheClown September 2, 2016 at 10:55 am

    The vagrant needs to be netted ,and put away for long sentences ,because these fools no nothing about being civil.
    If these fools are as big, bad and brave as they would like everyone to think ,why then after committing a crime do they become Cowards and try to hide? What this tells me is that they only become fearful after committing an an act. If wise, one should feel fear before committing an offense ; that would most likely prevent them from going through with it and therefore would not have to be looking over their shoulders each and every time there is the sound of a vehicle, or wondering whether the stranger they have never seen before is a Policeman.


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