No joy ride

Three Plead Guilty to attempting to take weed on cruise

courtThey were seeking to enjoy a pleasure cruise aboard the Jolly Roger, but it was no joy ride for Anderson Renaldo Walkes, Shakier Shabarie Hall and Enrico Michael Hinkson, who attempted to sneak cannabis onto the pleasure vessel.

All three pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis when they appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Douglas Frederick yesterday and they were each ordered to serve 200 hours of community service.

According to Prosecutor Martin Rock, Walkes, 25, of 3rd Avenue Gills Gap, Eagle Hall, was in possession of a transparent plastic bag, which contained a cigarette lighter and a foil wrapping with cannabis in his boxer.

“That is just a little weed,” he allegedly told officers when asked to account for the illegal substance, which weighed one gram and had a $5 street value.

There was no objection to bail, however, attorney Mohia Ma’at convinced the court to give his client “the golden handshake”.

“He has been gainfully employed for the last two years, Your Worship. It shows a young man with discipline and he has a young child,” the lawyer said, adding that under the Penal Reform Act first-time offenders get a community service sentence in order to keep their records clean.

In addressing the court Walkes said: “It was not really intentional Sir . . . it won’t happen again.”

“Carry the message – do not carry drugs on the cruise. It is a hotspot, fellas checking you — no guns, no drugs,” the magistrate advised.

Frederick reminded the 25-year-old that, as a parent, his children would learn from him, therefore, he had a responsibility to set the right example.

The magistrate also noted an unfortunate pattern, where the children of many of the people he prosecuted were now appearing before him.

“If you don’t want him [your child] to use rum, don’t use it; if you don’t want him to smoke marijuana, don’t use it, because it is a cycle.

“I was a prosecutor and the men that I prosecuted, I am now seeing their sons . . . it is like reincarnation. So this is the strongest message you can send [your son]; don’t use drugs. Set the right example,” the magistrate advised Walkes who listened attentively.

“I hope my words have not fallen on death ears,” Frederick said.

“No Sir,” Walkes responded.

“But if they have I am here to serve,” the magistrate said.

Hall,24, of Reed Street, St Michael was also a first-time offender.

He was found with a transparent plastic bag containing four paper wrappings with the drug, also in his boxers. The weed weighed three grams and was worth $15.

In addressing the magistrate, Hall, an air conditioning installer for the past two years, revealed that he had been using the drug for the past five months. He also explained that he had never been on the Jolly Roger and did not know the rules.

“If you don’t stop [using this drug] you are going to be back here. Do you want that?” Frederick asked?

“No Sir,” Hall said.

The third man who faced a similar charge was 27-year-old Enrico Michael Hinkson of Middleton, St George.

The illegal substance – one gram valued at $5 – was found in the right front pocket of his pants as he was being searched ahead of boarding the Jolly Roger for a pleasure cruise.

“Yes, I had them hid in my boxer,” Hinkson reportedly said when the substance was found on his person.

All three men were represented by Ma’at.

The Acting Chief magistrate told Hinkson he needed to be circumspect in the activities in which he engaged, given his job as a passenger service agent.

“I am happy that you got caught, so we can help you. You can’t be supporting the drug industry. I want you to know the gravity of what you have done, you have really stepped out of the crease . . . this is a red flag which means you will be under scrutiny.”

All three will return to court on November 25.

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