ANSA Coatings makes Sissons offer

With the reintroduction of the Sissons Paint colour shop brand in Barbados, officials of the parent company ANSA Coatings Limited, a subsidiary of the Trinidad-based ANSA McAL Group of companies, are hoping to provide a franchise opportunity to local entrepreneurs.

Managing Director of ANSA Coatings Limited Roger Roach said it was the company’s intention to encourage locals to open up more Sissons outlets across the island, through one of two methods.

“One, we do it our self. That is, we make the investment in the location, we outfit the shop and we hire the personnel to run it, we sell at retail prices and that is how we run the shop. Or we can offer you the brand as a franchise, we assist with the renovation and outfitting of the location and you invest in the inventory that goes within the shop and the staff,” he explained.

The business executive said both franchise holders and ANSA Coatings Limited stood to benefit from such a partnership, adding that those authorized to sell the products would purchase at wholesale prices and sell at a mark-up price.

“It is easy as that. And we will be looking to offer these opportunities across the entire island – St Philip, St Lucy, Bridgetown, Christ Church – all over the island we are ready for business,” Roach said.

Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Sonia Foster said she was pleased the company would be offering franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs.

“In this regard, the ministry, through the Barbados National Standards Institute and the Small Business Unit, stands ready to provide any business development advice and services to the Barbadian community,” Foster announced.

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