Gunplay leaves residents cowering in fear

Residents of Harpers Land, Sargent Village, Christ Church are fearful for their lives after a man was shot in the area this morning.

While police had yet to determine the motive for the shooting of 20-year-old Demarco Polo Coombs, residents believed it was linked to a robbery that took place last night.

Coombs of Bartlett Tenantry, was shot by an unknown assailant in his lower abdomen and remains hospitalized at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Carla Jones told Barbados TODAY she was resting at home with her family when she heard multiple gunshots.

She said when she looked out she saw Coombs lying on the ground, calling for help.

“I just heard gunshots. Me and my children was lying down and I look outside and I see the guy there so lying down. It was early about after six.

“He ain’t get shoot here, he run up in here to get assistance. When I came out that is what he was calling for. He did done get shoot and then he try to come up here.”

The sound of gunshots is a familiar one to the people of the small Christ Church community.

Jones told Barbados TODAY the constant gunplay brought a sense of uneasiness to the neighbourhood.

“Well you would be uneasy because if your children outside playing and people just burnishing weapons and decide, ‘well I gine shoot at you’, your children can get hurt. You can’t feel comfortable at all,” she said.

Another resident who identified herself as Meddi blamed people from outside the community for the problem.

“It don’t be people that born and raise up here, it is people who come in the vicinity and joining with other people and corrupting the whole neighbourhood.”

However, this was not the sentiment of one concerned resident who asked not to be identified.

According to this resident, who at one time was engaged in similar acts of lawlessness, those behind the shootings had no apparent reasons for their action.

He said he had tried to be a father-figure to young boys in the community in an attempt to drive them away from crime, but his advice seemed to be falling on deaf ears.

“Them don’t listen to me. I suppose to be a pioneer to these. I did it all and I made a promise that when I walked these streets I can’t do crime. I see the light and I going forward. I does talk to these, I try my best and they don’t want to hear. Everybody want to get wild,” he said.

Acting Public Relations Officer of the Royal Barbados Police Force Sargent Roland Cobbler confirmed in a press release that police were conducting investigations into the matter.

One Response to Gunplay leaves residents cowering in fear

  1. Tony Webster August 31, 2016 at 9:59 pm

    The well-meaning , un-named, citizen, who has “seen the light”, and has been trying his best with errant and ” wild youth” is to be appreciated and congratulated. He however could also consider speaking to Crimestoppers. This menace is not only a menace to the peaceful citizens of “Sargeants”…but is a cancer spreading right through our landscape. The police, and Joe citizen,and those “Relevant” folks who are in positions of authority and responsibility, and not forgetting you and me…should all make it our duty to help the youths who will accept help, and slam on the brakes on those out of control.

    This is madness and societal destruction in slow- motion- and we cannot pretend anymore it’s just a movie, or someone else’s problem.



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