Friends plead guilty to wounding woman

courtAn ongoing feud over a man landed a woman and her friend in the District “A” Magistrates Court today, charged with wounding a third woman.

Friends Melissa Alicia Haynes, 32, of King’s Village, Holder’s Hill, St James and Keisha Ianna Payne, 35, of Cemetery Lane, Road View, St Peter are charged with unlawfully and maliciously wounding Peta Sobers.

When they appeared before Acting Magistrate Douglas Frederick today, the two pleaded guilty to the offence, which occurred on May 16, 2015.

The No 1 District “A” Criminal Court heard that Sobers was confronted by Haynes and Payne near the Super Styles Store in the City and was struck on the forehead several times with an umbrella and beaten about the body.

Sobers had to seek medical attention for her injuries.

Asked by the magistrate to explain their behaviour, Payne said she had an ongoing feud with Sobers, which came to a head on board a cruise.

“But the mistake I made was not to report it to the police,” Payne said, to which Frederick said: “Revenge is not a defence. If you had managed to kill this girl you would be facing a different charge.”

“What is the reason for this, a man?” Frederick further queried.

“Yeah,” Payne replied.

Haynes, who explained that she was a friend of Payne, said the complainant had been “dropping talk and stuff like that”.

However, the Acting Chief Magistrate stopped her mid-sentence saying: “You are a friend, you must be able to tell your friend to come back. You should lead not follow. You have no right being here . . . you should not be in it at all.”

“What happen to the man?” Frederick questioned.

“I get rid of he,” Payne answered.

Frederick informed the two that they  would have to compensate Sobers, which the defendants signalled their willingness to do.

There were no objections and the two women were granted $1,000 bail each with a stern warning.

“Stay away for the complainant; have nothing to say or do with her because we want no further allegations,” Frederick cautioned.

The two are scheduled to return to court on September 9.

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