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Heroic strangers pull woman from fiery crash

NEW YORK – Aside from first responders, not many people would run toward a burning car to save the life of someone they don’t know.

But that’s exactly what a group of heroic strangers in Binghamton, New York did last week. Following a 10-car pileup on a local highway, they pulled an unidentified woman to safety after her car burst into flames.

Other individuals involved in the 10 car smash up react quickly to free a female driver from her burning car.

Other individuals involved in the 10 car smash up react quickly to free a female driver from her burning car.

To highlight the heroes, Rich David, the mayor of Binghamton, shared a dashcam video of the rescue on his Facebook page.

“We’re still attempting to identify those seen on video so they can be recognized for their efforts,” David wrote in the post.

Deputy Mayor Jared Kraham told CNN that they have found two or three of the good Samaritans, thanks to an outpouring of messages from people whose friends or family members were involved. Once they have all the names, the mayor’s office will put together an event to recognize the heroes, and hopefully give the woman an opportunity to meet them.

The accident happened on August 25 when a tractor-trailer plowed through afternoon traffic. Miraculously, no one was killed, and the woman who was rescued only suffered minor cuts and bruises. While the investigation is still ongoing, Kraham said the truck driver was ticketed for faulty brakes, a contributing factor in the accident.

“On behalf of our entire community, I commend these unsung heroes as well as our local police, fire and EMS first responders,” the mayor wrote on Facebook. “Binghamton is safer because of you.”

Source: (CNN)

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