Minister criticized ‘erroneous’ World Bank report on doing business here

The recent World Bank Doing Business report on Barbados has been described as erroneous by Minister of International Business Donville Inniss, who vowed to write to officials of the international financial institution to complain.

Delivering the feature address at the annual International Business Workshop hosted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados at the Hilton Barbados Resort Friday, Inniss admitted that while he had yet to fully analyze the report, he had gleaned enough to identify errors is several areas.

“As per usual the report is very erroneous in some areas especially in relation to the length of time to incorporate a company, engage on some insolvency matters and to obtain some permits. Once again my office will write to the World Bank outlining their errors and providing the evidence to the contrary,” Inniss told those attending the annual workshop.

He also took to task those who provided the information to lending institution.

“I question the sincerity of some of the respondents who provide information to the World Bank. Far too often we have service providers and professionals who get great service 99 per cent of the time and never share such wonderful experiences with anyone, but take great pleasure in going on the world stage when at one per cent of the time they get and unsatisfactory response or experience delays,” he lamented.

Inniss, who has complained in the past about the pace of doing business here, acknowledged that Barbados needed to do better with its service levels.

“We must not settle for mediocrity in either the public or private sectors. As members of a professional body I can only encourage you accountants to act professionally at all times. After all, all you have is your reputation and all Barbados has its reputation. We can complement one another,” the minister advised.

Having listened to complaints from the local business community about the difficulty they experienced while trying to do business, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart in May designated Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Senator Darcy Boyce as the minister to deal with business facilitation and clear bottlenecks.

Inniss said Friday the business facilitation unit within his ministry would be strengthened immediately to support Boyce on business facilitation matters.

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  1. Helicopter(8P) August 29, 2016 at 9:38 am

    Getting down to “Brass tax” Mr Inniss! 2016 and beond!


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