Third man charged with Wharf Road shooting

A third man has been remanded to prison on charges relating to the recent shooting on Wharf Road.

Police have arrested and formally charged Cyle Shaquille Sargeant of Bourne’s Land, Silver Sands, Christ Church with the offences of Serious Bodily Harm and the Use of a Firearm.

Sargeant appeared at the District A Magistrates Court today and was remanded to prison until September 22.

Last Friday two men appeared in court in connection with the shooting.

Orlando Diego Romell Elliss of Morris Gap, Westbury Road, and Kadeem Jalani Maycock of Nelson Street, The City, were charged with thirteen offences.

They are accused of using an unlicensed firearm on August 7, as well as one count of intentionally causing serious bodily harm to two individuals.

They are also facing five counts of unlawfully and recklessly engaging in conduct which placed five people in danger of death or serious bodily harm.

Elliss and Maycock are on remand until September 9.

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