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Salvation Army steps up to help students

With less than a month before the start of the new academic year, some of the families who have been struggling to meet the cost of new school supplies received some much needed help from the Salvation Army yesterday.

The charitable organization donated uniforms and shoes to the families in need.

“Although we cannot solve all their problems, we want to make a contribution. Our contribution is an investment in the children and their future,” said Divisional Commander, Major Sinous Theodore.

“We have been doing this for the past four years . . . so we want to thank God for it and every year we want to improve in what we do to seek to help more parents. Not to encourage them in their current state but we have to be realistic. The needs are there and they have to be met.”

Major Theodore said the efforts of the Salvation Army would not be possible without the support of the public and corporate Barbados.

“They have been very faithful. The Army has been there for over 100 years and we have been able to serve the needy in our society just because of the generosity, the kind assistance, of the Barbados community,” he said at the organization’s Reed Street office.

The Salvation Army’s Marie Theodore (right) presents a parent with school supplies. 

The Salvation Army’s Marie Theodore (right) presents a parent with school supplies. 

Parents also received fabric for uniforms.

Parents also received fabric for uniforms.

Several families are unable to buy new uniforms.

Several families are unable to buy new uniforms.

Students will be able to return to school with brand new shoes.

Students will be able to return to school with brand new shoes.

According to Major Theodore, there was an increase in the number of requests for assistance this time around.

“We are doing it because we care. And we say needs have no season.  Although there is a special need at this time for you to send your children back to school, remember at the Salvation Army we do more than that,” he said.

“It is day in and day out, whether you call it a counselling programme, you want to call it a feeding programme, the people coming for clothing, the people coming for shoes, people coming for shelter, the day care centre, our after school programme at the church.”

The Salvation Army also offers evening English, Mathematics and Reading classes for primary school students every Tuesday and Friday. Major Theodore said there are plans to offer tutorials in French.

The Salvation Army is not the only organization that has been assisting families in need as students prepare to return to the classroom. Over the weekend, the Progressive Optimist Club of Barbados held a similar back-to-school uniforms and supplies drive in aid of disadvantaged families.

4 Responses to Salvation Army steps up to help students

  1. Emperatriz Melissa
    Emperatriz Melissa August 24, 2016 at 10:07 am

    How do you seek help for someone

  2. Christine Carol-ann Ceecee Waithe
    Christine Carol-ann Ceecee Waithe August 24, 2016 at 10:44 am

    This is the reason why she should make contributions to places like these….

  3. Julia Robinson
    Julia Robinson August 24, 2016 at 12:27 pm


  4. Diana Cave
    Diana Cave August 24, 2016 at 6:33 pm

    well done . Some of these same children that needed that help , may very well become a nurse , Doctor , Lawyers or some body of high esteem in this society
    That’s why you never look down on no one , that is less fortunate than you are , If God did not wanted it to be how it is now , everyone would be in the same bracket
    So show love , and help when ever you can .


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