Regional junior chefs battle it out

After almost a week of educational activities at the Caribbean Junior Culinary Conference, 12 students from around the region are this weekend participating in the finale, the Junior Duelling Chef Competition.

The six teams from the Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Dominica, St. Croix and Barbados gathered at the Dining Club in Newton Industrial Estate to put their culinary skills to test.

Barbados TODAY stopped by just in time for the first round of the Mystery Basket challenge, where Ezra DeGannes and Monique St. Hilaire from Trinidad and Tobago, were battling it out with Dominica’s Malik Darroux and Camrann George.

Participants in today’s Mystery Basket challenge

Within 45 minutes, they were tasked with creating three tantalizing dishes for the four judges, Max Bens, Manfred Schmidtke, Antoinelle Byer and Glenroy Alleyne.

Coaches for the Dominica and Trinidad and Tobago teams could be heard shouting instructions and words of encouragement from the sidelines. More than 30 minutes into the competition, team Dominica ran out of gas, but they were granted an additional two and a half minutes to complete their dish.

Despite the aromas wafting through the room the dishes got mixed reviews from the judges who said they expected a bit more flavour from these islands.

One of the dishes produced by the junior chefs

As it stands, with the results from yesterday’s Signature Dish competition, St. Croix is in the lead with 41 points, followed by Barbados with 39, Trinidad and Tobago with 38.75, St. Lucia with 37.66, Bahamas with 35.4 and Dominica with 35.2.

With the scores tabulated from the Signature Dish and today’s Mystery Basket round, three teams will be selected for the final battle tomorrow, where the 2016 Junior Duelling Chef will be chosen. (KK)

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