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Fatal drive

St James man shot in his car, family devastated

The Arch Hall, St Thomas community was rocked in the early hours of this morning with the shooting death of 26-year-old Jamar Grazette.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting remained unclear up until the time of publication. Acting Public Relations Officer of the Royal Barbados Police Force Stephen Griffith told Barbados TODAY this evening that outside of a name and the fact that the man was shot he had no other information – and Jamar’s family were still trying to figure out what happened.

Jamar Grazette

Jamar Grazette

However, the former student of St James Secondary School – now Frederick Smith Secondary School – is believed to have been shot by an unknown assailant around 12:30 a.m. after he stopped to pick up a passenger in Hope Road, Orange Hill, St James, not too far from his home.

When Barbados TODAY visited his home this morning, his grieving mother Judyann Grazette could hardly find the words to describe the pain she was feeling.

Jamar Grazette’s grieving mother Judyann Grazette (centre) being comforted by her sons Jamario (left) and Joshua (right) as they also mourn the loss of their eldest brother.

Jamar Grazette’s grieving mother Judyann Grazette (centre) being comforted by her sons Jamario (left) and Joshua (right) as they also mourn the loss of their eldest brother.

She had been crying since she returned from the scene where her son’s body was slumped over the front seat of his car.

Amidst the tears, she explained that she went to the scene but was yet to be told exactly what led to the death of her first born.

Grazette said she last saw Jamar yesterday morning shortly before she left home to accompany his brother to the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic for orientation.

“He had his differences like anybody else. Yes, he would get annoyed but he was alright,” the mother said as her voice trailed off and the tears returned.

Family members described Jamar as a quiet individual with a bubbly personality.

They said the young mechanic was capable of repairing just about any type of vehicle, loved riding motorcycles and was well known in the biking world as Big Rock.

His love for the bike was evident through the many photographs of him posing with motorcycles that he posted on Facebook.

His distraught grandmother Elva Grazette, who described Jamar as a little “mouthy”, said she received a call this morning informing her that her grandson was dead. She was hanging a clothes on the line at that time.

Jamar Grazette’s grandmother crying out for her grandson as  his aunt Sonia Grazette holds her.

Jamar Grazette’s grandmother crying out for her grandson as
his aunt Sonia Grazette holds her.

“I say, ‘no, that can’t be,’” the grandmother recalled.

“I was feeling sick last night and I could not sleep and even my dead husband came in front me. I say ‘no, no, no’ and I come out my bed and sit down and I tried to sleep but I ain’t sleep all like now.

“Then I get this news. I tried to make tea and I ain’t even get the tea drink,” she added, still in disbelief.

Meanwhile, an equally shaken Sonia Grazette noted that her nephew was a very outspoken youngster, who she never thought would have died in such a tragic way.

“No one deserves to die like that,” Sonia said as she comforted her sister who just kept on crying.

Jamar’s younger brother Jamario Grazette hugged his mother, doing his best to comfort her as she buried her head in her hands.

Jamario wiped away her tears; so did her youngest son Joshua, who was the last to see Jamar last night before he left the house.

A visibly upset Jamario said he received a call around 1 a.m., and the female on the other end of the line told him that his brother had been shot.

He said his brother’s death would have been a lot less difficult to cope with had he die in in a motorcycle accident. Murder, he said, was difficult to fathom.   

“Shoot my brother? My brother don’t go out for no guns or nothing so. He does just talk. Somebody shoot my brother and my brother ain’t do nobody nothing so,” an upset Jamario told Barbados TODAY.

As police investigate the killing, messages of condolence were being posted on his Facebook page by friends trying to make sense of Jamar’s death.

“This morning I woke up in such a happy mood to tell my girly happy birthday not knowing I would be saying good bye to my boy/my friend/my schoolmate/my must annoy me. Just so I so shock.

“No more blowing me down pun de road when yuh driving; no more coming up to my car and riding alongside and chatting me down; no more telling me gessussss Kelah why you does give dem wrong numbers got me calling them old people; no more telling me Kelah you still so boring doah you gotta come to my cranks, girl get out de house you going let that man lock you down so all de time you gotta come out girl.  R.I.P Hun,” one friend posted.

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