De goings on in Rio

todays vendorAt de time of writing, we into week two of de Olympics, de greatest show on earth, in Rio, Brazil. It has been topsy turvy so far wid highlights and lowlights too. In short, de good, de bad and de downright ugly, and more to come.

De green Olympic pool was a great embarrassment. De reasons given for de pool turning green bizarre. Anybody who see green water in a pool should know not to get in dat water. Embarrassment for de organizers!

De stories of crime and people being shot and killed and people being robbed, including de US swimmer Ryan Lochte, disturbing but then, apparently, over 2,000 people get murdered in one part of this great city so far for de year!

Imagine you and other athletes out on the town and in a taxi and wunnah get hold up at gun point and robbed? By people posing as police, mock police? No wonder Lochte hair turn green, though I believe yuh not supposed to go into chlorine water after using hair dye!

I also wonder how come athletes who suppose to be turning in top performances was out pun de town. I thought them would be conserving energy and getting a good night’s sleep but then I am not and have never been an Olympic athlete!

Some of our greatest cricketers have apparently turned in great performances in de bedroom and bars at night and then occupy another crease de next day. Mind you, I suspect we still do de two former activities well but it is some time since we have seen the last in test matches. Apparently we good if it short, fast and furious but occupation for long periods is not in we DNA. But I digress.

Week one of dese Olympics was de Michael Phelps show. Unquestionably, the greatest swimmer and Olympian or all time with enough gold and silver to supply Diamonds International for a few years. To come out of retirement and perform at this level and dominance is unbelievable. Seeing a black US athlete, Simone Biles, dominate gymnastics was another amazing feat of de games.

Week two is poised to be the Usain Bolt week. His annihilation of the competition in de 100 metres complete in every sense, winning the title of de fastest man in the world at three successive Olympics, is a feat not likely to be repeated anytime soon. Showman that he is, Bolt thrilled fans before and after.

We will soon see if his dominance will be de feature of week two when he runs the 200 and the 4×100 relay. Usain Bolt, you have made all Caribbean people proud and for just under 10 seconds, we forgot bout taxes, crime and violence, race, colour, creed, religion, interpersonal problems, joblessness, potholes, garbage, foreign exchange and any other  issues dat does daily occupy centre stage, even Donald Trump!

The look on Justin Gatlin’s face was priceless! Kirani James gave Grenada a silver this time around, another great performance at the Olympics by a young Caribbean star. And while she did not win a medal this time around, we in Bubbadus was very proud of our girl Akela Jones. I hope next time she choose an easier discipline cause doing all dem events almost back to back must be draining!

Sadly though, I cannot salute Shaunae Miller, winner in de women’s 400 metres. The records will show that de Bahamian runner won the gold but what I saw was a runner, out of gas, pain etched on face, arms flaying, legs wobbling being overtaken by the reigning world champion Miss Allyson Felix from the USA.

And in a desperate attempt to win gold, Miss Miller literally dived over de finish line in what, to de Vendor, was a bizarre end to an otherwise great race. Cud dear, diving is done in a pool not pun de track! De rules allow it but fuh me and dis is MY opinion, it was ugly to watch!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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